I've missed you too!

Hey y'all! I know how much you all missed me while I meant to update and didn't. Good news? I did not miss you because you all are such wonderful bloggers and update more frequently than I, and I get them delivered right to my inbox, and my Bloglovin' feed, and my Google Reader, and my Facebook...(you get the idea, right?)

Well since we last chatted I have decided that I want to name my Silhouette Cameo, firstly because I don't like everyone having the same name as mine. And secondly, because my lil' Cameo and I have gotten to be good friends - I know that she doesn't like to work extra overtime and that she likes to have her beauty rest (she's awful cranky if I forget to turn her off at night). So I was pondering over some names and Gertrude is the one that stuck! So Gertie and I have been playing with lots of stuff, and messing lots of stuff up! (Just this week I cut the HTV wrong side up...twice - same night) We did buy the new Designer Edition software so we could play with SVG files, and patterns, and rhinestones...oh my! We made thank you cards after my birthday, well we tried - Gertie's blade was angry so she only cut a few. I don't think she's a huge fan of paper crafts! But thanks Lauren @ The Thinking Closet for giving the free file so I didn't have to spend hours creating one & for the discount code to get the Designer Edition & for hosting the Silhouette (and Gertie) Challenge & putting up with all my silly questions!

Oh, well my goodness, I haven't even shown you Gerties debut photo op have I? Shame on me! Hold on...there she is!
Isn't she a beauty?!?! 

And I also made some wall decor! I've been thinking about what I wanted to hang in my craft/office/catchall/spare bedroom and I figured that if I get tired of this, I'll just peel it off and slap something else up there! However, I can *NOT* take credit for this image - it came from the nicest lady in a Facebook group who was gracious enough to share the file with me, so all I really did was choose a different color than hers, fire up Gertie and let er rip! But, I do LOVE the way that it turned out, and it's a nice reminder to have around! I'm kind of diggin' it something serious - 

I'll be doing another post for MONDAY for the Silhouette Challenge! I lose everything if it's not attached, so that is the only hint that you get! If you have a Silhouette and want to join in on the fun - you aren't too late! Email Lauren @ The Thinking Closet to get in on the good times. We even have a Facebook group - so its pretty official (and lots of fun - we have a FANTASTIC group of ladies and you get to hear about everything that I mess up, and giggle at me - I don't mind, someone has to mess it up so we know how to do it!
Wanna play too? We're very friendly in the sandbox & share well
I have lots more to share, but I think we're maxxed out tonight, Gertie is already asleep! I hope that you all have a super fantastic weekend and I'll be seeing (pun intended - thats another hint) you Monday!

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  1. Thanks for all of the sweet shout outs in your blog posts. Seriously, you're making me blush!

    And I love that you shared Gertie here...she turned out fabulously and inspires me to decorate my Cameo (and name her) STAT! Thanks, chica.


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