How to not lose your sunglasses - Silhouette Style

I have lost misplaced (for almost a year) my FAVORITE pair of sunglasses. I have been making do with some of the spares that I had on hand, but once you have these polarized lenses and you fall in love - nothing seems to hold a candle to them. These sunglasses were acquired free of charge and it seemed that I was UNABLE to lose misplace them until sometime after February/March of last year (thats the last time that I have them on record in photos) and now, they have grown legs and wandered off. So after braving last summer without my UV blockers, I knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday - new Costa Del Mar sunglasses.

My birthday is my FAVORITE holiday of the year! I've always loved birthdays because they are YOUR day - you don't have to share with a bunch of other people, and I'm happy to be here! I just think they're special and should be celebrated as such. My bestie used to tease me about my obsession excitement over birthdays and tell me that I would go into a depression if no one told me Happy Birthday. Thankfully, Facebook makes sure that doesn't happen - and my WONDERFUL friends & family! So, now that I'm another year older - nothing has changed, except that I have a brand new pair of really awesome sunglasses that I have the privilege of keeping up with...

see even my puppies were excited it was my birthday!

Alright, so Crafty Mom lives on a beautiful lake! If its summer, and not raining, she's in her boat on the water - and I can't blame her!

girls cruise
This is a view of the lake from the air. You can't even see the whole thing in this picture, but most of it is there. We like to ride in the boat in the summer, and "float" with our friends, and ski, fish,  tube, whatever goes really. They have a "floatilla"  on LC, but really its just where a bunch of boats get together and tie themselves in a line so they can all hang out (gymnastic skills required to navigate from boat to boat) - it really looks like a classier redneck yacht club. Really, the lake is almost its own form of transportation - its quicker in the boat!

Paris loves to ride
Floatilla from the water
4th of July party with all the boats

Floatilla from water - see redneck yacht club
And here I am - on the lake - so relaxing!

Now, with all of that fun coming up this summer - how will I keep up with my new sunglasses?! I'm not the best "keeper upper" if you know what I mean. I'm the one who looks for my phone while I'm talking on it. And not to mention, they don't float...
So, onto Pinterest and Etsy I went - found some great sunglass straps at a great price that float (I think - if not I'll pop a cork on them and they'll float then). I ended up getting a chevron lime green strap for CraftyMom and a chevron hot pink for me.

SIDEBAR: The company that I got these from was AWESOME! Excellent customer service - and super fast shipping. Now they carry a whole LOAD of stuff on the site that wasn't on their Etsy shop, and I'm glad I didn't see all of that before I ordered! But they sell the sunglass straps for an awesome price (seriously-you can't find this quality for this price anywhere else, and I looked), koozies of every sort, and some random cool stuff like baby bottle koozies, energy drink koozies, water bottle koozies, ice bucket koozies and loads more. AND they have LOTS of colors and patterns to choose from! I'm getting ready to order some stuff for the BF for his birthday in May!

So, I saw some sunglass straps that were monogrammed, and thought I'd just take these and get them monogrammed. Well, I get to the shop and the lady & I start talking and of course I'm rambling on about Gertie and how much I love her and everything and I mentioned that I had thought about using HTV on them. She thought it would be a good idea too gave me a sample of the yellow HTV that she uses and I was on my way home back to Gertie so she could make them pretty and personal for me.

Now I had teal and black and didn't know how well it would show up, etc but figured it was worth a shot, I could always peel it off and try again, right? So, I messed up most of the yellow vinyl by cutting it but not cutting it deep enough because its so much thicker than the Silhouette HTV that I had. So, in the beginning I just figured I would do them both in teal and be done with it...

These were the font choices that I gave CraftyMom for the temple part of hers and what I ended up with on mine. I wasn't sure that I liked the way that the teal looked on the pink - but I think that it showed up REALLY well on the lime green! Now, during this, I had to cut the monograms SO TINY (literally smaller than an inch) so after putting in the vinyl the wrong side up twice (it might have been late and I sleepy) I just went with the regular Silhouette settings for HTV - WRONG!!! If you are cutting something this tiny, make sure that you SLOW YOUR SPEED DOWN and DOUBLE CUT! I also found that it was easier to weed and cut a little better when I used my mat. I used a blade depth of 2 and speed of 4. 

Doin' Fine is the name of CraftyMoms boat, and she wanted it on her strap. I was going to surprise her with them, but I can't ever keep a secret of something that I'M trying to do for someone ( I just get SO EXCITED) and she wanted her boat name on there. The process for the heat transfer was the same - turn the iron on Cotton and put something really thin (like really thin) between the strap and the iron (the neoprene will melt, please don't ask me how I know) and set it down on the design - go get a snack or let the dogs out and come back in about 2-3 minutes. Remove the iron and the whatever you decided to barrier with. Peel up a TINY corner and see if the design is stuck on there yet. No? I just ironed the plastic in like 10 second intervals at this point (keep it moving, sista) and checked. Then when the HTV was stuck, it didn't look stuck good to me so I ran the iron over the vinyl for a few seconds to make sure it was on there good. Make sure that its the design you want and you don't want to change colors before "heat setting" your vinyl because you can kinda tear stuff up when you try to peel it off - you'll see. So, I ended up with these as the finished product, and hopefully we will have these glasses for years!

Sorry for the picture quality, I will have to work on my photography skills but I think you can tell how they turned out! Much better than monogramming, IMHO, because I can use the intricate fonts if I want to. and if you look carefully on my monogram beside the fleur de lis you'll be able to see where I pulled some of the threads up when I peeled the teal off, but I do like the yellow and it was about all I had left to work with!

I'll let you know if they float or not... :)

Now for the part you really wanted to get to - the Silhouette Challenge of March.  Thanks for joining me and reading this really long post (hey - I promised more pictures, didn't I?) and please visit the other bloggers who are participating in the Silhouette Challenge with me.

Want to know more about the Silhouette Challenge??? Visit Lauren at The Thinking Closet and read her post about the group posting events. We also have a super fun FB group - and everyone is SO NICE and friendly and encouraging so I can't wait to go and see what everyone has created as well!

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Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC week and feel free to follow or comment. I'm looking forward to some floating time in the lake this summer , what are your plans?


I've missed you too!

Hey y'all! I know how much you all missed me while I meant to update and didn't. Good news? I did not miss you because you all are such wonderful bloggers and update more frequently than I, and I get them delivered right to my inbox, and my Bloglovin' feed, and my Google Reader, and my Facebook...(you get the idea, right?)

Well since we last chatted I have decided that I want to name my Silhouette Cameo, firstly because I don't like everyone having the same name as mine. And secondly, because my lil' Cameo and I have gotten to be good friends - I know that she doesn't like to work extra overtime and that she likes to have her beauty rest (she's awful cranky if I forget to turn her off at night). So I was pondering over some names and Gertrude is the one that stuck! So Gertie and I have been playing with lots of stuff, and messing lots of stuff up! (Just this week I cut the HTV wrong side up...twice - same night) We did buy the new Designer Edition software so we could play with SVG files, and patterns, and rhinestones...oh my! We made thank you cards after my birthday, well we tried - Gertie's blade was angry so she only cut a few. I don't think she's a huge fan of paper crafts! But thanks Lauren @ The Thinking Closet for giving the free file so I didn't have to spend hours creating one & for the discount code to get the Designer Edition & for hosting the Silhouette (and Gertie) Challenge & putting up with all my silly questions!

Oh, well my goodness, I haven't even shown you Gerties debut photo op have I? Shame on me! Hold on...there she is!
Isn't she a beauty?!?! 

And I also made some wall decor! I've been thinking about what I wanted to hang in my craft/office/catchall/spare bedroom and I figured that if I get tired of this, I'll just peel it off and slap something else up there! However, I can *NOT* take credit for this image - it came from the nicest lady in a Facebook group who was gracious enough to share the file with me, so all I really did was choose a different color than hers, fire up Gertie and let er rip! But, I do LOVE the way that it turned out, and it's a nice reminder to have around! I'm kind of diggin' it something serious - 

I'll be doing another post for MONDAY for the Silhouette Challenge! I lose everything if it's not attached, so that is the only hint that you get! If you have a Silhouette and want to join in on the fun - you aren't too late! Email Lauren @ The Thinking Closet to get in on the good times. We even have a Facebook group - so its pretty official (and lots of fun - we have a FANTASTIC group of ladies and you get to hear about everything that I mess up, and giggle at me - I don't mind, someone has to mess it up so we know how to do it!
Wanna play too? We're very friendly in the sandbox & share well
I have lots more to share, but I think we're maxxed out tonight, Gertie is already asleep! I hope that you all have a super fantastic weekend and I'll be seeing (pun intended - thats another hint) you Monday!